Autumn Special

Autumn Special

Luxurious Shopping

Luxurious Shopping

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Quality You Trust

At Manuel quality is everything, we specialize only in high quality items. Their authenticity is guaranteed. It is our trademark! We would not settle for less. Manuel is a true symbol of quality as our customers already know. Visit MANUEL, Try MANUEL and Love MANUEL!


In-Store 360 View

At Manuel we innovate everyday, here we bring you a 360 degree view of our stores so you can see for yourself what we are all about. Come and Visit Us and see for yourself. MANUEL is a visual experience that will enhance your senses. Click Here to Start


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At Manuel, we believe in Technology. We spent a lot of time and energy developing a different website for our customers. Check us for new arrivals, review our weekly promotions, drop us a line or a comment, ask for some product in our Manuel’s Wish list, share your own recipe with us or use one of ours. help us to better your favorite store. Stay connected!



There has never been a greater incentive to save money than now.

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Details on our press release submissions, PR activities, Community Care,Events and Sponsorships

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Human Resources

Come work with us, if you are interested in joining one of the most dynamic, young and fast-growing company in the Kingdom, please look us up, fill the application and upload your CV. Our HR department will get back to you at the soonest...

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You will find all of the newest products that we bring especially for you from the four corners of the World.

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Manuel Recipe Book

Come work with us, if you are interested in joining one of the most dynamic, young and fast-growing company in the Kingdom, please look us up, fill the application and upload your CV. Our HR department will get back to you at the soonest...

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Recipes, Cooking Tips and more. Fully searchable database and cooking tips.

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Manuel’ S Wish List

Manuel’ S Wish List The Manuel’s Wish list is a new concept where our customers place some suggestions of new items that they would like to have in our stores...

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Mohammed Yousef Al HasanFounder and Chairman of Board

Mohammed Yousef Al Hasan recalls “The roots of our business date back to 1988 when we he had an Austrian-style pastry shop in Jeddah. Part of remarkable success of his business attributed to acumen and warm relations he has formed in the market.

As a graduate from Abdul Aziz University with a degree in Business and Administration and Over 30 years’ experience in Supermarket business, he is cognizant of the importance of being a visible leader in the region.

In 2002 Martin M. Pegler’s New York Publisher book of Desigining the World’s Best Supermarket choose Mohammed Yousef Al Hasan’s Supermarket. With complete several pages of information and pictures, the book will give you the in dept of his work.

Mr. Al Hasan creativity result in supermarkets and hypermarkets that many consider to be the best designed in the entire Middle East.

He opened MANUEL TRADING COMPANY LIMITED which is a duly licensed and established company in the United Kingdom and operating in Saudi Arabia under the IBDAA AL QASR Co. Ltd.

Best luxury shopping center for our customers and for the whole family To provide the best products with excellent service and reasonable price Gain recognition to be among the top 3 retailers in the Kingdom Established Manuel Hypermarket Kingdom wide Quality not Quantity.

He brought in custom made first class refrigerators from Italy in order to guarantee the freshness of our products. Shelves were imported from Spain and custom-designed for the most exigent shoppers. All shop fittings were specially designed overseas to guarantee its uniqueness, from the floors to the ceilings, from the walls to every corner, He took care of details as no one has done it in this world in the supermarket business.

He wanted to be unique, to please our customers inside and out and we have tried to bring the best there is in order to accomplish just that.

    Abdulillah Ahmed Al DarwishDeputy Chairman of Board

    Mr. Abdulillah Al Darwish Joined his brothers to introduce an Elite A Class Supermarket in town Manuel as a Chair of Board

      Khalid Ahmed Al DarwishCo-Founder and Managing Director

      Mr khalid al Darwish holds several degrees from the United States of America.
      As a marketing expert he worked in the USA in international commerce.
      In the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Mr. Al Darwish worked for the national commercial bank of saudi arabia. A few years later, he became general manager of another chain of supermarkets where his profesionality also positioned him as one of the most influential top executive in grand distribution worldwide. in 2010, Mr. Al Darwish, his brothers and his partners founded Manuel.
      His demonstrated proficiency in sales and marketing has been instrumental to intensify sales and market share for the company.
      Mr. Al Darwish has been the recipient of several worldwide awards for his vanguardism and vision in the grand distribution:

      - international quality crown award in london ( 2009 )
      - international quality award in switzerland ( 2008 )
      - puratos university 2009 belgium
      - the bizz world businessperson 2011
      - the bizz excellence in business leadership 2011
      - the bizz excellence in marketing management 2011
      - the bizz excellence in quality management 2011

      His managerial and marketing skills have earned him a distinguished position as a market leader.
      Manuel workforce has benefited extensively from his efforts to reach excellence in upgrading proper merchandising techniques, promotional campaigns, store readiness and tidiness.
      His vision to provide excellent customer relations and service has been passed on to manuel staff.
      His broad grasp of the business and innovative style of management have helped improve manuel financial standing and contributes actually to the continuous expansion and development of more branches.

        Khalid Mohammed Al HasanInternational Import Director

          Abdul Razak Ahmed Al DarwishGeneral Manager

          Mr Abdul Razak Al Darwish graduated from the USA in 1989 with honors. there he held the position of president of the saudi student club for massachusetts, rhode island, connecticut and new england from 1987 till 1988.

          In 1990, he joined the national comercial of saudi arabia. after attending several internal upper management banking courses, he started to work as an overseas correspondent for ncb corporate bank group (cbg).

          As his career flourished, he attended several other prestigious seminars such as sama, russell investment & marketing and he obtained the national management certificate in 1992.

          Working in ncb electronic banking department, he is responsible for having created the co-brand project for prestigious clients such as ( saudi airlines(alfursan), marriott , etc…).

          After leaving ncb, mr al darwish worked for an american import and export company in hawaii as a regional manager for the middle east.

          Also mr al darwish as been an adviser in several fields such as real estate, investment and marketing to many prestigious worldwide companies working in saudi arabia.

          Later he went on to conduct a profound analysis and market research in economics and grand distribution for the founding of manuel supermarkets.

          In 2010, mr abdul razak al darwish became manuel supermarket / ibdaa al qasr co general manager.

          In 2011, mr al darwish was awarded “ the bizz excellence in business leadership” as a result of his constant efforts to promote the company identity as one of the leader in the middle east grand distribution segment of business.

            Faisal Ahmed Al DarwishDeputy General Manager

            Mr. Faisal Al Darwish A graduate from United States of America.He was running his own Import & Export company for 8 years in United States of America.In 2010 he joined his brothers to introduce an Elite A Class Super marketin town Manuel as a Deputy General Manager.

              Khalid Mohammed Al HasanInternational Import Director
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